A single syllable name like slut or whore, but without all the judgment and shame. 

A word that means ”creature of glorious sexual appetite; one who inhabits their body fully and experiences tremendous sexual pleasure without conventional restraints on its expression; a positive term used to describe a person who enjoys having sex, either outside the restrictions of a monogamous partnership or within a monogamous relationship but with tremendous enthusiasm and lack of inhibitions”

Wordsmithing away, I’ve got:


Eye-va or ee-va, short for Godiva, it’s got that womanly ‘va’, you can add a d or a v to it, can’t really make another insult out of it without tryharding.

but two syllables might be a bit much when you’re cheering or dirtytalking ;)

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Way to ruin the joke and miss the entire godamn point.  Also what’s with a ll the logos.

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Safe Point: Penny Arcade, Mike Krahulik, and Patience


This blog was created mere minutes ago on a whim, after a weekend at PAX full of discussions about safe spaces. I’ve got no defined aspirations for it, apart from the need/desire to express some ideas that don’t seem appropriate to put on my personal tumblr, which is currently filled —…

Ash rules, not leastwise due to that final link, which is exactly what I hoped it would be.

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In Syria, Winemakers Attempt the Perfect Vintage Among War

Winemakers around the world share some of the same concerns, such as the weather, fermentation, critical reviews, and sales. But for winemakers in Syria and Lebanon, those concerns are compounded by a war that has been raging at their doorsteps for years. The challenges they face — employee safety, operational disruptions, and a long history of local turmoil — shed new light on the lengths winemakers in warzones will go to.

”We have to keep going,” said Karim Saadé, whose family owns Château Bargylus near Latakia, Syria and Château Marsyas in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. ”We’ve gone through so many hardships, as a family, as a people. It’s not the first time, it won’t be the last. You need to stay, to persevere. Through resiliency, you need to get to the best.”

Read more. [Image: Jamal Saidi/Reuters]

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A Massive Hovercraft Interrupts This Russian Day at the Beach

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"Most people don’t give garbage a second glance. Artist Francisco de Pájaro gives it a second, third, and fourth glance, and then returns later to doll it up into something resembling a really mess-up human face.”

Read: Artist Turns London’s Garbage Piles Into Bizarre Monsters

[Images: Francisco de Pájaro]

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why the fuck isn’t tumblr going batshit crazy about what’s happening in syria

approx. 640 people have died, mostly children, in a nerve gas attack and i don’t see shit about it

article, because people need to know about this, it’s horrible

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This Week in War. A Friday round-up of what happened and what’s been written in the world of war and military/security affairs this week. It’s a mix of news reports, policy briefs, blog posts and longform journalism. Subscribe here to receive this round-up by email.

Photo: Aleppo, Syria. Free Syrian Army soldiers wait inside a house. Hamid Khatib/Reuters

Photo: Cairo. Near Rabaa Adawiya mosque. A photographer runs as two camps of Morsi supporters are cleared. Mosaab ElShamy/EPA

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"A psychic bee from outer space told me to."

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People from Egypt protests have a message for the US

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